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Thank you Pickleball Central on the tips on grips!

When you look for new pickleball products that can help your game, you probably think first about paddles, a ball machine or perhaps a new pair of high performance court shoes. You might want to also consider products that help with gripping your paddle.

In any sport where you are using a club, racquet or paddle, your grip is important, as it is your single point of connection with the tool. When playing pickleball you need to be able to hold the paddle consistently, confidently, and with an appropriate amount of force. If your grip is worn out or slippery, you can lose control and feel. If you have a grip that is too tacky you might have trouble repositioning your hand for precise shots.

There are many products that help you get a grip on your paddle. Let's start with the paddle's grip itself.

Pickleball paddles all come with a grip material wrapped around the handle, but is that manufacturer's grip the best one for you? Grips come in many materials and textures to cater specifically to your ideal feel. Manufacturers from Gamma to Gearbox to Vulcan offer replacement grips that provide a tackier feel, better sweat absorption, or more padding.

It is important to consider the different types of grips available so that you can make the best choice for your own needs and playing style. Grips can prioritize any of the following; sweat absorption, extra cushioning, and tackiness. While all grips prioritize something specific, most of them do a good job of balancing all of these attributes. Take a look at some of our favorite grips from each category.

Absorbing Grips

Extra-Cushioned Grips

No-Slip Grips

Grips that absorb moisture or provide extra cushion are usually applied to a bare pickleball handle due to their thicker design and precisely engineered thickness, so you would first remove the original grip before applying a new one. If you are just dealing with a lack of tackiness on your older pickleball grip you can usually just apply an overgrip.

Overgrips prioritize tackiness and are designed to be applied over your paddle's existing grip. Overgrips also come in various textures with different performance characteristics like replacement grips.

Popular Overgrips:

Regardless of whether you need to prioritize sweat management, texture, cushion, or tackiness we have a grip or overgrip that will provide you with more control and confidence on the court.

Despite the huge selection of grips and overgrips available on the market these days some players like to add a glove to the grip equation. Gloves work together with grips to wick sweat, provide tacky traction, and limit hand fatigue.

Whether you opt for the fingerless or full finger gloves they will go a long way in wicking moisture off the palm of your hand and work to keep your hand cool with breathable fabrics and strategic vents.

Fingerless Gloves

Full Finger Gloves

Extra Grip Accessories

The Vulcan Rosin Bag and Vulcan Rosin Powder are super helpful moisture-absorbing accessories to keep in your pickleball bag if you suffer from sweaty hands. Keeping your palms more dry palm will help improve your grip consistency and as a result your confidence.

Similar to resin, gels like the Paddletek Drop-N-Dry Pickleball Performance Gel create a light coating across your hands that prevents sweat build-up. Not only does it limit the sweat produced by your hand but it can also be used on your wrists to prevent sweat from running down your forearms and onto your hands.

If rosin, power, or gel sound a little messy for you, then the GAMMA Tacky Towel or Selkirk Tacky Towel may be the best option for your game. These small towels are designed to be wiped on your hand, glove, or grip to limit moisture build-up and enhance tackiness so that you don't lose your grip on your paddle.

Regardless of your skill level or goals within the game, enhancing your grip on your paddle will help you play more consistently and comfortably. We have everything you need to re-grip your paddle, add a glove to your gear, or stash a grip-improving product in your bag just in case.

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